We expect a 3.0.0 client hard fork upgrade near the 553,500 height.

The update is as follows:

1. Adopt large block packaging when single-node concurrent or multiple consecutive transactions.
2. Add side chain data state verification algorithm, remove the Best Chain, improve the availability of block data on the chain.
3. Adopt a new DAG structure to comprehensively improve the processing performance of on-chain data.
4. Remove the repeated check of block cache to improve the efficiency of on-chain transactions.
5. Improve transaction processing efficiency and cut the block processing time to 6 to 10 seconds.





包含任何电子大脑的去中心化网络 可以由无限可扩展的 TPS 支持

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包含任何电子大脑的去中心化网络 可以由无限可扩展的 TPS 支持

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