UENC Public Chain Promotional Program For KOLs

We’re excited to inform you that we plan to make the final determination on the implementation standards of the smart contract. The deployment test of the contract has been completed as well as the on-chain query of the execution results. We’ve also got the storage of the smart contract completely placed on the chain.

UENC public chain is a network that allows any idle computer to join Building a parallel blockchain world under the meta.

Hence we’re creating an opportunity for KOLs to join us in our public chain promotional program. When the ecological infrastructure is perfected, the official website promotion and sharing activities start,anyone who shares and promotes the UENC official website on Twitter and other platforms can get promotion incentives.

KOLs with more than 5000 followers on the platform should submit the screenshot of retweets to the following contact information shown below to get the corresponding reward. You only get paid when you fulfill all the requirements.

Promotional Program holds from October 27, 2021 — November 07, 2021

Official website address: uenc.io

Email: uenctiantian@outlook.com

Telegram: @uenc_volunteer

UENC is a highly efficient, energy-saving decentralized public chain system.