UENC Project Weekly Report #92 (December 6, 2021 — December 11, 2021)


1. Overview of progress

(1) Conducted an overall test of v1.6.5, completed the second round of functional tests, and resolved relevant issues.

(2) Carried out data compatibility and program compatibility testing on v1.6.5.

(3) Resolved the issue of slow synchronization of initiating nodes after transactions.

(4) First round of testing was carried out on mobile terminal performs and relevant interface documents for the mobile terminal were sorted out.

(5) An attempt was made to resolve the issue of being unable to connect to the network after switching.

2. Mainnet data (as of 9am, December 13, 2021)

(1) Incorporated into node 11833.

(2) Height of mainnet was 410,912.

(3) Cumulative number of transactions was 794,613.

(4) Rewards totalling 4,862,012 have been issued.

3. Other

(1) None.

4. Summary of the current situation

This week, we will continue to conduct various functional tests and compatibility tests for v1.6.5, as well as mobile terminal tests. We resolved the issue that the network could not connect after switching occurred, and the issue of slow synchronization of transaction nodes after initiating a transaction. To follow up, compatibility and stability testing and related bug modifications will continue, and code and documentation will be sorted out.




包含任何电子大脑的去中心化网络 可以由无限可扩展的 TPS 支持

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包含任何电子大脑的去中心化网络 可以由无限可扩展的 TPS 支持

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