UENC Project Weekly Report #89 (November 15, 2021 — November 21, 2021)

1. Overview of progress

(1) Added function that enables use of the public network as the first signature node.

(2) The asymmetric encryption and decryption verification mechanism can now be used to complete the underlying network. Added function that enables the use of the base58 address as the unique network identifier.

(3) Enabled the highest-level public network node verification double-spending mechanism, and modified the block verification logic.

(4) Designed and completed the cache calculation class for the reward mechanism, which can be used to quickly calculate rewards and reduce database calls.

(5) Completed the check logic for broadcast building blocks and synchronous block building.

2. Mainnet data (as of 9am, November 22, 2021)

(1) Incorporated 10,841 mining machines.

(2) Height of mainnet is 372,245.

3. Other

(1) None.

4. Summary of the current situation

This week mainly involved completing most of the functions for v1.6.5, which included resolving the issue of handling double-spending transactions mentioned last week, and the design and enhancement of the network verification mechanism, as well as the verification function for block transaction information. Next week, we will merge the test work of each functional module and the code, as well as some supplementary functions and document adjustments.

Website: uenc.io

UENC is a highly efficient, energy-saving decentralized public chain system.