UENC Project Weekly Report #87 (November 01, 2021 — November 06, 2021)


1. Overview of progress

(1) Optimized the algorithm for finding nodes to reduce the waiting time before sending transactions on the mobile phone.

(2) Resolved the issue that some IP addresses are judged as invalid addresses.

(3) Modified the filtering rules for the verification node, which must be greater than the height of the local node before it can be used as a signature node or a synchronization node.

(4) Modified the reward verification node to be the initiating transaction node instead of the verification node to improve the transaction success rate.

(5) Resolved some memory leak issues and added some return value processing during the transaction.

2. Mainnet data (as of 8:50am, 8 November 2021)

(1) Incorporated 10,621 mining machines.

(2) Mainnet height was 364,395

(3) Number of transactions was 7,691,067.

(4) Total reward was 4,731,894.

3. Other

(1) None.

4. Summary of the current situation

This week mainly involved resolving some bugs in the existing network. In addition, the modified node needed to be higher than its own node as a verification node to enhance the transaction success rate. We also designed some v1.6.5 function plans. The public network incentive design, optimization of the efficiency of the reward algorithm, and the smart contract implementation plan will be carried out next week.



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