UENC Project Weekly Report #84 (October 11, 2021 — October 16, 2021)

1. Overview of progress

(1) Released v1.6.3, deployed all nodes, and uploaded binary files.

(2) Started to design a new fast synchronization mechanism scheme, increased the synchronization efficiency from the creation block to the highest altitude interval.

(3) Designed to increase staking and high-level filtering mechanisms in the node buffer pool to ensure the availability of nodes during node selection.

(4) A double-spending penalty mechanism was added to the design to prevent malicious double-spending behavior.

(5) Functional objectives and development planning for v1.6.4 were formulated.

2. Mainnet data (as of 8:30 am, October 18, 2021)

(1) Incorporated 12,542 mining machines.

(2) Height of the mainnet was 333,604.

(3) Number of transactions was 673,496.

(4) Total reward was 4,105,876.

3. Other

(1) None.

4. Summary of the current situation

This week, v1.6.3 was released and deployed to the entire network. Planning began on the goals and functionality of v1.6.4, and technical discussions and pre-research work were conducted towards the main goals. Next week, we will gradually implement some of the functions in v1.6.4, completing the two functions of penalizing double-spending and filtering staking in the node buffer pool and height nodes.

UENC is a highly efficient, energy-saving decentralized public chain system.