UENC Project Weekly Report #83 (September 26, 2021 — October 09, 2021)

1. Overview of progress

(1) Enhanced transaction system inspection and verification functionality in transactions.

(2) The database was expanded. When a read-write error is encountered, the database function is restarted.

(3) Resolved the issue of UTXO information loss during trading after staking termination.

(4) Functions of setting the packaging fee, exporting the private key, and viewing pending transactions were added to the main menu.

(5) A mobile phone interface was added which can query whether most transaction nodes meet transaction conditions.

(6) Preparations were made to release v1.6.3, and code was merged and documentation was organized.

2. Mainnet data (as of 8.30 am, 11 October 2021)

(1) 14,190 nodes were incorporated.

(2) Mainnet height was 322,664.

(3) Number of transactions was 641,041.

(4) Total reward was 3,812,439.

3. Other

(1) None.

4. Summary of the current situation

This week we mainly modified bugs in the new version, resolved issues such as UTXO loss after stake termination, merged existing functions and tested them, and organized release documentation. The version will be released next week and v1.6.4 planning and technical pre-research work will be carried out.




包含任何电子大脑的去中心化网络 可以由无限可扩展的 TPS 支持

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包含任何电子大脑的去中心化网络 可以由无限可扩展的 TPS 支持

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