UENC Project Weekly Report #81 (September 13, 2021 — September 18, 2021)

Weekly Report

1. Overview of progress

(1) Portend RPC interface test completed.

(2) Functionality of using different UTXO to conduct transactions tested.

(3) Light wallet interface for the mobile phone developed.

(4) New function menu (the setting for a signature fee, packaging fee, exporting for the private key, view pending transactions, etc.) added.

(5) Continued to verify and tried to solve the congestion problem caused by database reading errors.

2. Mainnet data (as of 8:40am, September 22, 2021)

(1) Incorporated 13,934 mining machines.

(2) Height of the main network was 285,863.

(3) Number of transactions was 514,270.

(4) Total reward was 3,008,373.

3. Other

(1) None.

4. Summary of the current situation

This week we will mainly complete interface testing for the Por-side RPC. We tried to adjust the database and solve congestion caused by errors in reading the database. We also added some commonly used function menus and developed a light wallet interface for the mobile phone. Next week, we will focus on resolving the blocking issue caused by frequent database operations.

Website: https://www.uenc.io/