UENC Announcement

We have formulated the technical objectives of the UENC 1.6.4 client, have completed the main development tasks, have entered the testing phase and will be released after the test results are verified.

The main technical optimizations of UENC1.6.4 are as follows:

1. Using diversified synchronization algorithms, after the data on the chain is intercepted and marked, the zero-knowledge proof as well as Byzantine algorithm are used to provide the efficiency of the new node synchronization from zero thus the redundant synchronization data verification algorithm is removed, and the synchronization efficiency is shown through the test data. It can be increased by many folds.
2. Provide the data availability of the verification pool, and use the time stamp to verify the availability of highly qualified nodes in the pool to perform random number election verification, which will isolate the relevant availability impact of the non-compliant nodes on the network.
3. Solve the availability of node data after the fork, increase the circular error correction mechanism, complete the error correction when the node data after the fork remains unchanged at the height, effectively improve the removal and effect removal of the missing and wrong blocks of the node. Fill efficiency.
4. Use block pool to mark UTXO to prevent the occurrence of active double-spending ultimately ensuring the consistency of data on the chain when the main network data is synchronized with the timestamp.
5. Start the new port interface mode

UENC is a highly efficient, energy-saving decentralized public chain system.