UENC Announcement

Uenc will update the 1.6.3 version of the client in the future. We have made some important technical optimizations that will further improve the stability of node operation.

1. Using the new UTXO algorithm, the order of magnitude of UTXO is optimized during use, and the calculation efficiency is provided.
2. Created a new interface for the RocksDB database, increased database secondary read cache, and reduced database read and write operations during block data verification.
3. Optimized the UENC client’s setting menu items and added related functions such as exporting private keys, setting packaging fees, and viewing pending transactions.
4. Enhanced the strict inspection mechanism when creating transactions.
5. Fix the problem that the account cannot be transferred out in full in some cases.
6. Fix the problem that the signature of the verification pool node fails when the account UTXO order of magnitude is too large.
7. Fix the problem that the initiating node cannot build a block when the height of the initiating node is the same as the height of the verifying node.
8. Optimize the availability of node data.