The Meta-Universe, the New Entry to the Parallel Blockchain World

There is a universe between the real world and the virtual and that’s what we call the Meta-Universe. This is the new entry to the parallel blockchain world. It is obvious that there are universes outside this material universe and existence beyond our world. The meta-universe allows you to explore so many of these.

The rapid development of the meta-universe concept has opened up a brand new parallel world for us. As a complex and rich ecosystem, Meta Universe is the latest form of Internet development. Meta Universe includes at least artificial intelligence, creator ecology, communication system, transaction, and payment system, etc.

As the outline of the meta-universe has become increasingly apparent, capital has begun to layout in this field. Above the tuyere, how does the real meta-universe empower the development of blockchain?

The Source of the Meta-Universe

The current blockchain infrastructure has become an important part of the underlying structure of the Metaverse, accumulating a strong force in the process of the application of the Metaverse, and supporting the efficient and safe operation of the economic system under the Metaverse ecology.

Therefore, we try to use blockchain technology to sort out the five major characteristics of the meta-universe landing:

  1. Decentralization

The core feature of meta-universe applications is decentralization. As a meta-universe platform, it needs to use these decentralized underlying technologies to ensure the security of the platform, and not become a tool of centralized control, which is vital to the development of the meta-universe.

As we all know, the standard of encrypted assets is the same as the exchange rate of the U.S. dollar and the Euro. Only with such a premise can we complete the smooth circulation of various assets in the meta-universe, instead of all kinds of game props, which can only be circulated in one field. , Which is why we need to learn from the decentralization of the blockchain, and the asset side is also another embodiment.

2. Smart contract

As the most important and basic function of the blockchain, smart contracts can be said to have covered almost all blockchain applications we use, whether it is NFT, Defi, Dapp, or GameF, all rely on smart contracts to operate effectively.

On the Metaverse platform, if the digital asset transaction is too slow or the transfer fee is too high, the user experience will be greatly discounted. Therefore, we also need to pay attention to the development of smart contracts, including the progress of EVM or Wasm contracts.

3. Cloud computing

As an important back-end infrastructure for the realization of the meta-universe, the realization of the meta-universe in the future must be accompanied by huge data processing requirements, image rendering requirements, and a high-realistic user experience. These calculations can provide different results in different environments and scenarios. The function is an indispensable part of the development of the meta-universe.

4. Network construction

Metaverse realizes the intelligent connection of all things based on the 5G Internet of Everything and further enhances immersion, intelligence, and globalization in the interaction between the physical world and the virtual world. Although 6G technology is still being deployed, once it is realized, it will lead Metaverse to achieve leapfrog progress.

5. Private data

Privacy data protection has always been one of the most concerning issues in the real world, and it has attracted more and more attention. Blockchain, as an important expansion in the field of cryptography, is expected to bring more possibilities. The need for privacy in the meta-universe seems to be even more important.

Nowadays, users’ concerns about their privacy protection may not be inferior to the “Sloden Incident” of that year, which is why we need privacy computing, and some practitioners in the blockchain are now on the road to privacy protection. Whether it is zero-knowledge proof, trusted computing, multi-party security, or AI learning, they may become the “special route” in the meta-universe in the future.

From a development point of view, if such a huge system of Metaverse can be realized to the extent that we can perceive the charm of the virtual world, it must be realized after the coordinated development of multiple technologies reaches a certain level.

The UENC public chain will be matched with a wide range of meta-universe + application fields, including digital assets and cultural industries, physical industries, insurance, energy, and other industries, aiming to promote the positive development of the global blockchain industry.

If it is said that the fire of “Meta Universe” is already burning, time will eventually prove that UENC will become the shining “gold”. UENC, through the advantages of blockchain technology, will create a network that can be incorporated into any idle computer, and build a new parallel blockchain world under the meta-universe. Whether it is an industry giant or an ordinary user, everyone can build and shape the future life form together in the UENC ecology.