[Recap] AMA with UENC Global Ambassador Sam Lindaman — 4 (March 9, 2021)

Q 1: Can you introduce UENC to any newcomers?

A: UENC is a scalable public blockchain platform that utilizes cross-chain technology. As a highly decentralized blockchain network, UENC allows its users to interact with different blockchains at the same time. In the UENC network, users can perform operations such as cross-chain transfers, exchanges, and storage of encrypted assets, as well as use the blockchain network infrastructure to develop and run complete decentralized applications.

Q 2: What makes UENC stand out technically?

A: What makes us stand out is our innovative technologies including the self-developed DPOW consensus algorithm, a highly efficient node structure based on a DHT mesh network, and Cross-parallel Storage (CPS).

Q 3: Will there be any cooperation with the Chinese government?

A: Cooperation with the Chinese government? This is definitely one of our goals. However, as the Chinese government hasn’t fully adopted the use of blockchain, it is very difficult to cooperate at this time. As this isn’t a giant priority for our company, we will continue on working for different partnerships.

Q 4: What will happen if an individual finds a bug? Will there be a reward?

A: Yes definitely a reward will be provided! If you find any potential security issues or threats about the underlying security of our blockchain, please email tech@uenc.net.

Q 5: What is cross-chain technology? And, how are you going to implement it?

A: Cross-chain technology is a protocol that allows different blockchain networks to transfer value and information between each other.UENC would like to create an ecosystem of blockchains that will connect with one other. Currently, not many blockchains are able to connect with each other, and UENC is trying to fix it.

Q 6: What is the computing power of UENC’s mining machine? Are mining cartels involved?

A: Different from the mining mode under other consensus mechanisms, in order to ensure fair mining and safeguard against mining cartels, UENC adopts the DPOW consensus algorithm, and the node itself does not participate in the computing power competition. The computing power of the UENC main network will be scattered on each participating terminal device, and the terminal device is designed for fair competition. This algorithm is solidified in the network algorithm and consensus algorithm.

Each ID can only connect to two mining machines maximum. All users can participate in mining fairly, and mining cartels are prevented from participating.

Q 7: Can I mine UENC with other mining machines?

A: No. Only mining machines independently developed by UENC can participate in UENC mining.

Q 8: What are UENC’s future prospects?

A: UENC’s path to appreciation is very clear, and we have a wide range of application scenarios. With the further improvement of the ecosystem, UENC has innovative core technologies to achieve a more efficient and safer circulation of assets compared with mainstream digital currencies. In the future, it will become a match for mainstream digital currencies. With the dark horse leading the world economy into a new era of token economy 3.0, UENC will lay a solid foundation for the ultimate popularization of digital currency, allowing the digital currency to be accepted and recognized by more people through interconnection and interactive use.

UENC is a highly efficient, energy-saving decentralized public chain system.