[Recap] AMA with UENC Global Ambassador Sam Lindaman — 16 (September 08, 2021)

  1. What is the vision of UENC?

To create a network that can be quickly incorporated into any available computer in the world. To create a feasible technical solution that integrates all blockchain network assets.

To create a technology application ecosystem that is easier for developers to use.

To create an application tool that can make using blockchain technology as easy as using a smartphone.

2. What are the specific requirements for participating in UENC mining?

CPU: 4 cores (minimum 1 core)
Memory: 4G Disk: at least 50G hardware standard
Operating system: Linux or Ubuntu (Windows is in the pipeline)

3. Can you explain DPoW?

Typical mining has a high threshold to entry due to initial investment costs. UENC’s DPoW algorithm opens the era of low energy consumption and micro-computational CPU mining, which dramatically reduces the hardware cost of many users.

4. What happens to the UENC token when more nodes start joining the network?

The UENC token is a credible guarantee for the pledge of network nodes. As more nodes join the network, the scarcity and value of the token will be realized, providing the necessary network fuel.

5. How is your chain complementary to development?

The multi-language smart contract WASM supported by UENC allows developers to develop decentralized applications more easily.

6. What is your solution for anticipated increases in gas fees?

Hybrid network structure, the more public network nodes, the lower the GAS fees.

7. Why does one need to pledge tokens for mining?

To ensure network security. Because UENC’s participation in hardware nodes is very low and the price is not high, if there is no pledge dialogue, when many miners deploy more than 50% of the hardware, they could fork or tamper with the algorithm.

8. How does UENC ensure that it is valued correctly?

During the four years of its development, UENC has gone through different stages and ecosystem roles to achieve value alternation and prevent overvaluation. Now that the technology has been fully implemented, rational investment can be made according to the economic model to obtain relatively stable returns.

9. What are the main problems that UENC can solve in the public chain field?

The key is to solve the so-called “impossible triangle” problem and provide high levels of efficiency and low levels of cost to basic public chain facilities without consuming high levels of energy.

10. How can I convert the UENC that I mine to my native currency so I can spend it locally?

Coins mined with UENC’s mining machines can be directly converted into cash and traded on the exchange.




包含任何电子大脑的去中心化网络 可以由无限可扩展的 TPS 支持

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包含任何电子大脑的去中心化网络 可以由无限可扩展的 TPS 支持

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