[Recap] AMA with UENC Global Ambassador Sam Lindaman — 14 (August 10, 2021)

AMA Recap

Q 1: What is the name and symbol of your token?

A: This one is easy to remember! The project name, token name, and symbol are all UENC.

Q 2: As you may already know, earnings from the Swarm project have not achieved expectations. What do you think went wrong there, and how will UENC prevent the same from happening?

A: From a technical standpoint, Swarm has been exceptional. Unfortunately for them, as you mentioned, earnings and technological achievements do not always correlate. It seems that the economic modeling and comprehensive architecture left something to be desired. During the four years of its development, UENC has gone through different stages and ecosystem roles to fully implement its technology. With that being completed, rational investment can be made according to the economic model to obtain relatively stable returns. We are confident that we have learned from some of their shortcomings and can prevent them from happening to us.

Q 3: What is the duration of the staking period?

A: It is between August 5, 2021, 15:00 — September 4, 2021, 15:00 (UTC+8)

Q 4: How will you attract developers?

A: Through the establishment of a developer ecosystem fund.

Q 5: How does UENC implement cross-chain technology, and how will it affect the entire ecosystem after its implementation?

A: After the smart contract is launched, cross-chain connectivity will be realized through hash locks, multi-signature functionality, rainbow bridges, and other technologies. After it is implemented, cross-chain technology will allow more high-energy-consuming encrypted assets to circulate faster on the chain through the UENC network at a lower cost. The UENC ecosystem provides more liquidity and more straightforward encryption of tokens, so the development of DAOs under the smart contract can be completed.

Q 6: How thin is the barrier to entry for potential earners?

A: The barrier of entry is very thin with UENC, especially in comparison to other chains. From the market user level, the mining threshold is lowered. Users can also participate in the public chain infrastructure to obtain earnings while providing a liquidity network, which has significant advantages.

Q 7: How long do you think is the earnings period for blockchains?

A: It is expected that something still as new and innovative as blockchain has about 10 years ahead of it as an earnings period.

Q 8: There are a lot of projects out there, how many of them are doing something actually innovative?

A: Although these fields are crowded and there are a high number of projects, there have been very few real, high-quality innovations and technical projects.

Q 9: Is it enough for a project to be good on its own?

A: No matter how good the project is, if the eligibility for participation is monotonous, it is difficult to attain real value earnings.

Q 10: Can you give me an example of where your cross-chain technology can be helpful?

A: Certainly. For instance, it makes it easier for companies or individuals to use encrypted tokens to complete the development of DAOs under smart contracts.

Website: uenc.io




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包含任何电子大脑的去中心化网络 可以由无限可扩展的 TPS 支持

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