[Recap] AMA with UENC Global Ambassador Sam Lindaman — 1 (Jan 26, 2021)

Q 1: What can UENC be used for?

A: The reason we created UENC was due to the number of issues we saw in the space. The main issue was cross-chain technology and the implementation of real businesses. So, we are working for more tokenization of traditional businesses, DAPP development, and cross-chain asset interaction. We believe this will help the growth of the tech to the mainstream.

Q 2: Which exchanges can UENC trade on?

A: Currently, UENC has launched on the HBTC, WBF, COINBIG, and ZG exchanges. You can also track the token on CoinMarketCap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/universalenergychain/markets/

Q 3: What is UENC’s token distribution ratio?

A: Secondary market circulation of UENC tokens accounts for 30%, DPOW node mining accounts for 40%, operation, and technology development teams account is 15%, and community promotion and rewards account for 15%.

Q 4: What is cross-chain technology? And, how are you going to implement it?

A: Cross-chain technology is a protocol that allows different blockchain networks to transfer value and information between each other. UENC would like to create an ecosystem of blockchains that will connect with one other. Currently, not many blockchains are able to connect with each other, and UENC is trying to fix it.

Q 5: What is UENC’s blockchain contract address?

A: The contract address is 0xf46df22b35d0f56c90241c362db892ddf62da60b

Q 6: When mainnet release?

A: We have released the mainnet already. The UENC main network was launched at 19:50 p.m. on November 1, 2020.

Q 7: How we can contact support?

A: You can contact us through csd3@uenc.net

Q 8: How can I become a miner?

A: Please contact a volunteer in your community or club for more information. To note, the organizations are based in China.

Q 9: Can the EnergyClub app earn UENC?

A: EnergyClub 2.0 is divided into two sections: the user participation section and the club participation section. User participation can be divided into gaining energy, mining ore, exchanging ore, plundering ore, and synthesizing UENC revenue; club participation allows users to seize the planet host and obtain UENC revenue.

Q 10: What makes UENC stand out technically?

A: What makes us stand out is our innovative technologies including the self-developed DPOW consensus algorithm, a highly efficient node structure based on a DHT mesh network, and Cross-parallel Storage (CPS).

Q 11: Compared with other wallets, what are the advantages of the Fastoken wallet?

A: 1. Private key information for the account is kept by the user.

2. Users can freely choose stable nodes for transaction broadcasting.

Q 12: How long is the service life of UENC,s mining machine?

A: UENC’s mining mode is different from Bitcoin and other mining modes that require a large number of graphics cards. It does not consume a lot of power, does not cause the temperature of the mining machine to be too high due to high power consumption, and does not require a cooling fan. This greatly reduces the failure rate of the UENC mining machine. In theory, the service life of the UENC mining machine should exceed three years.

Q 13: What are the advantages of the DPOW consensus algorithm adopted by UENC?

A: Compared with the conventional POW algorithm, the DPOW consensus mechanism independently developed by UENC does not have any complicated competitive calculations, and the node itself does not participate in the calculation competition, which eliminates a considerable amount of computer-power wastage. It is also different from POS, where the larger the currency holding of a user, the more power he yields. The UENC network takes the participation and contribution of its users very seriously, and oligopoly and centralization are highly unlikely to occur.

Q 14: Where can I find announcements?

A: You can see our reports and updates on uenc.io/#/news

Q 15: What is the Crossover Parallel Storage (CPS) technology used in UENC? what are its advantages?

A: The UENC main network uses cross-parallel storage technology and the UTXO model to store main chain data. The goal is to keep the main chain data safe, reliable and traceable, and ensure it can be written quickly. The biggest advantage of using this technology is that it can significantly increase the transaction speed of the main network.

Q 16: where can I download EnergyClub app?

A: The EnergyClub app can be downloaded on UENC’s official website: uenc.io



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