How UENC unlocks New Opportunities through Linking Smart Contracts

Despite the fact that a meta-universe wind has blown in the crypto market, smart contracts still remain the backbone of the underlying development of the entire encryption industry.

With the tightening of regulatory policies in the encryption industry, payments in the compliance market, banks in the compliance market, and hundreds of industries that are compliant are entering the digital economy. As a core weapon, smart contracts determine the future development trend of the encryption industry largely.

The question now is, how will smart contracts change the way the entire society cooperates? How does UENC use smart contracts to open up a new engine for ecological development?

The Key Driving Force for the Development of the digital world

Blockchain technology has realized the application of currency in the digital world, and has produced a series of homogenized encrypted digital currencies, which has created a wave of investment in encrypted currencies in recent years. As an indispensable part of smart contracts, we see the possibility that infrastructure will be applied to the entire real world.

Smart contracts accelerate the execution and verification process of digital agreements. Blockchain-based smart contracts use Turing’s complete scripting language to achieve the compatibility of complex functions and rely on consensus algorithms for execution to ensure consistency. Compared with traditional contracts, UENC smart contracts have three main characteristics:

a. Non-tamperable, Open and Transparent

Since the smart contract is deployed on the blockchain, the content of the contract is open and transparent. It is equivalent to a hot search on Weibo, and any transaction we do will be seen by everyone, so that no one can tamper with it.

b. Complete Automation to Prevent BUG

The traditional transaction behavior is to pay with one hand and deliver with one hand. The same is true for the UENC smart contract. When the entire program code is triggered, we cannot separate this process, but can only execute it at the same time. This is the so-called code is the law.

c. Permanent operation, economical and efficient

Smart contracts will hardly cause disputes through computing languages, and the cost of reaching a consensus is very low. As long as the blockchain is present, smart contracts can run forever. Therefore, smart contracts have more economic and efficient advantages.

Among the many public chain ecosystems, UENC has the potential to use its own smart contracts and other technical advantages.

In terms of performance and privacy security, UENC creates an isolated on-chain execution environment through smart contracts. As the “consensus layer”, UENC records the final token payment and contract state conversion results, thereby separating the execution of smart contracts from the consensus mechanism of the public chain, realizing off-chain management of partial on-chain operations, and promoting high-performance, High-privacy, cross-chain smart contract.

At the intelligent level, UENC uses smart contracts to deploy various management rules and incentive models on the chain in the form of procedural code. Any organization or individual who conducts transactions under its ecological model will obtain a decentralized infrastructure and ecological development belt. A huge bonus coming.

Facilitate the digital economy and Unleash the potential of innovation

Presently, relevant domestic ministries have put forward “restrictive orders” on mining operations. The tightening of policies is also forcing blockchain projects to advance with the times. On the contrary, it is conducive to the industry to shape a better ecosystem, and UENC just conforms to the national policies and plans-this is the sustainable development of UENC, Which is also the competitive advantage of UENC.

As a low-energy public chain, UENC not only has advantages in security but also has flexibility. It can verify and calculate more complex and open-chain data. For example, UENC can provide users with diversified ecological application scenarios, which is more conducive to activating users’ investment needs.

UENC takes high efficiency and energy saving as its core function, which effectively reduces the complexity of the algorithm and realizes fast and highly concurrent payments and transactions on the chain; it has solved the problem of poor scalability of the blockchain and reached the ceiling of the low-energy public chain.

At the same time, the underlying ecology is the blockchain infrastructure. UENC provides a series of rich underlying technical support through smart contracts, DAPP, and other technologies as a springboard to expand the related application functions of smart contracts. For example, through verifiable random numbers and decentralized transaction sequencing, algorithm-based ecological fairness and transparency can be realized.

With the rapid development of the public chain market, UENC has found its own way of development: “That is, to create a network that can be incorporated into any idle computer to create more value.” In this new era where low energy consumption is the main development direction, the rapidly developing UENC has more room for growth and growth momentum.

Later, UENC will fully stimulate the application potential and value of new technologies such as smart contracts, spawn a new industrial ecology, promote the deep integration of blockchain technology and industry, and accelerate the implementation of more application scenarios to promote the development of the digital economy industry.




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