Announcement on related matters regarding BHEX platform UENC asset mapping

Due to the abnormality of the UENC node, the BHEX platform can not provide normal deposit and withdrawal functions. After friendly communication between the two parties, offline processing is required. The UENC trading pair will stop trading on the BHEX trading platform at 20:00 (UTC+8) on July 22.

In order to ensure the safety of user assets, the UENC project team will officially issue the equivalent UENC3 (erc20) and complete the asset mapping of users.

UENC3 contract address: 0xd6e88fdd175667ec80f1f981832b0b5b91c8fb5f

According to the current verification of the number of UENCs issued by the BHEX platform, the equivalent UENC3 (erc20) is issued. UENC3 can be exchanged 1:1 with UENC. All mapping and exchange matters are completed by the UENC project party. The BHEX platform is not responsible for the exchange. The user UENC3 proposed by BHEX can Exchange into the main network currency UENC through the UNEC project party.

Exchange process: The BHEX platform will carry out multi-chain configuration for UENC. After the user can withdraw UENC3 through the ERC20 withdrawal channel to the imtoken wallet, it will be transferred to UENC3 through the collection address and tools published on the official website of the project party. Hope the voucher will be exchanged for UENC.

UENC project party UENC mainnet token receiving address:


BHEX platform UENC mainnet token hot wallet address:


UENC customer service WeChat contact information:



UENC official website link




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