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The #UENC laboratory analyzed 300,000 high block data through data scripts. The availability of this data is no problem. In the next version, we will focus on improving the real-time availability of verification pool node data to ensure the success of transactions on the chain.

Through the new double-spending verification mechanism, the transaction entities that do not meet the requirements are restricted to better ensure the normal operation of the node. We will announce the progress of this plan in the near future.

The official website will continue to update the blog today, including the node construction plan and operation planning, and other sections. Please stay tuned. There is everything you want


The UENC 1.6.3 final client version has been released on GitHub, and the laboratory has completed the repair of the data analysis problem.

The latest client link:

At present, the client update of #UENC’s entire network nodes is still in progress. We found an interface data analysis error during the process of updating the laboratory’s public network nodes. This error is expected to be fixed today. After the fix, it will be released on GitHub 1.6.3. The final binary client.


The #Fastoken 3.0.30 version will be updated today. We have optimized the transfer function, added the port setting option when searching for the Docker node, and fixed some known bugs.

Download link:

The client version of UENC1.6.3, after installation, the help content about the menu call will be updated in the technical wiki, it will easily help you complete important operations such as private key management, pledge, transaction, and so on.

Document link:

We will continue to update UENC-related blog posts on the official website, and there will be some helpful content. You only need to subscribe and check it to get more valuable information.

We have formulated the technical objectives of the UENC 1.6.4 client, have completed the main development tasks, have entered the testing phase and will be released after the test results are verified.

The main technical optimizations of UENC1.6.4 are as follows:

1. Using diversified synchronization algorithms, after the data on…

Our research lab expects to release UENC 1.6.3 client version on Oct 11, 2021, and update the latest technology wiki.

Uenc will update the 1.6.3 version of the client in the future. We have made some important technical optimizations that will further improve the stability of node operation.

1. Using the new UTXO algorithm, the order of magnitude of UTXO is optimized during use, and the calculation efficiency is provided.


UENC is a highly efficient, energy-saving decentralized public chain system.

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